In the small countryside of Le Val d’Ajol - France, de Buyer was established in 1830.  Since then, de Buyer has received worldwide recognition in manufacturing the finest handmade cookware. It started with food bowls and domestic utensils.  Throughout the years de Buyer thoughtfully and meticulously expanded products to include, professional non-stick frying pans, baking and pastry equipments, mandolines and most recently knives.  

In 2005, under the direction of Claude Haumesser de Buyer would set new milestones. de Buyer would develop and patent the Beeswax technology behind our Mineral B Collection, create the world's first and only induction ready copper pan and expand our presence to over 90 countries.  In 2015 de Buyer would then purchase Marlux Mills, a French company that has been hand making mills since 1875.  Through his continued leadership, Claude Haumesser helped de Buyer become the first cookware manufacturer in Europe to receive the coveted Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) award.  

Our quality and dedication hasn't changed in over 180 years and it is why that today, de Buyer is still sought out by professional chefs and home cooks alike.   
We are excited to share our passion with you, f
rom our hands to yours - de Buyer.